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These are just a few of many social media choices.
TWITTER Blog I will not pretend to be an authority on the new world of "social media". I am learning along with everyone else. I did find Twitter this year, 3 years after Twitter was created! I now blog and maintain a blog for author, B. B. Rose. I have chosen these two avenues of social media because they are easy to learn and quick to add content. But, for my clients I have to have some knowledge of what is available for their needs. There are many choices to add to one's repertoire of marketing tools in this new era of social media communication.

Below are 4 reason to use social media, written by Muhammad Yaqoob.

Engagement through Social Media (The Red Carpet Broadcast)

Companies that decide to leverage social media in their marketing plans should do four things:

1. Be transparent and honest: Consumers often assume marketers are self-interested. By being transparent, you curtail doubt.

2. Allow Comments and Feedback: Ask your visitors to provide feedback on your communication efforts. These tools allow you to easily gather feedback.

3. Be fearless: Many marketers will cringe when they get their first scathingly negative comment. You will receive both positive and negative commentary. Use it to learn about your market and your brand impression.

4. Engagement Limits and Boundaries: When should you respond to a negative critique? When should you be silent? When should you ban someone from your corporate bog? Determine how you will behave in the public eye - in other words, when you'll assert control and when you'll let the market be itself.

by Muhammad Yaqoob

Twitter is over 5 years old?! I never heard of Twitter until I  joined May 2009! 

WOW! I thought to myself! Why did I not know of Twitter? I was living in Nashville, TN for 3 years. Nobody ever talked about Twitter! I had heard of and

I now live in ATL, GA. 

How did I discover Twitter?  The road leads back to Nashville, of all places.

One night I was visiting a few of my favorite country artists web sites. I noticed they all had links to Twitter. I clicked on the Twitter links out of curiosity.  I discovered one country artist, Jake Owen @jakeofficial, was using Twitter to promote himself and concerts. I began following him and virtually traveled from town to town reading his “tweets”.

He challenged followers with contests to win tickets to his show in that town! It was so much fun! I hope this equated into selling CD’s, tickets, and merchandise.  I know I have seen his followers grow from 1000 to over 37,493!

I have more fun following Nashville than I had in the 3 years I lived in Nashville!

So, what did I learned?  Twitter has unlimited possibilities for marketing your products, talents or favorite cause. Twitter is real time "communication". The only thing you have to do is answer the question “What's happening?”

"Twitter is a service for friends, family, businesses and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People write short updates, often called "tweets"  of 140 characters or less, spaces count. These messages are updated and sent to your followers. 

I am still learning! But, I am also meeting very interesting and talent people from all over the world.

What Is Twitter And How Does It Work - Beginners Guide This explains it better than I can.

Most people, it seems, think Twitter is just for following celebrities.  Yes, I follow a few, but, everyone I follow teaches me something new everyday. They are teaching me the power of communication and connecting with people who are very talented and creative.

I am now recommending Twitter to my web clients as an addition to their web sites. It is a wonderful way to inform the world  about "What's happening?" in your little corner of the world.

Some clients of mine have even joined Twitter!

I also follow some very interesting "celebrities".

I hope you can see more possibilities that you make your reality.


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